• E 15.0 Elliptical
  • E 15.0 Elliptical
  • E 15.0 Elliptical
  • E 15.0 Elliptical
  • E 15.0 Elliptical
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Performance Specs

  • 400 lb. Weight Capacity

    Incredibly heavy-duty, this elliptical is built to withstand the daily pounding of your rigorous training. The E15.0 Elliptical accommodates up to 400 lbs. It's perfect for every body.

  • Footprint

    65.8" L X 25.5" W X 68.5" H

  • 28 1-Touch™ Digital Resistance Levels

    Burn more calories with the touch of a button. Adjustable resistance controls quickly add intensity to your workout and personalize your results! Plus, with SMR™ Silent Magnetic Resistance, every adjustment is quiet, smooth and natural.

  • Warranty

    The NordicTrack® E15.0 Elliptical is protected by a Lifetime Frame Warranty, 5-Year Parts & Electronics Warranty and 2-Year Labor Warranty.

  • California Prop 65 Warning

    WARNING: This product contains one or more chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.

  • 32 lb. Effective Inertia-Enhanced Flywheel

    Engineered for incredibly smooth performance, this 32 lb. effective inertia-enhanced flywheel delivers a more natural ride. You'll feel the difference in your first workout!


Average Rating: 4.0 / 5.0
By arrbee on Dec 27, 2011
 My first elliptical, pretty nice!
I've had a mostly positive experience with this purchase. Ordering: couldn't be easier. Shipping: I was starting to sweat it (big purchase for me), but it shipped within the given timeframe (10-14 business days). Once it shipped it arrived in less than a week and in good shape. Assembly: Most parts went together logically and smoothly, there is one joint that doesn't fit as well as I would like but it seems plenty solid. The manual was fairly clear with only a little confusion here and there which my son and I quickly worked out. The tablet: I've been pretty impressed with the tablet, it is (not suprisingly) 'locked down' to where you can do all the exersises and you can do basic browsing of the web, but you have no control over some basic web features such as cookies (which some sites require to operate properly). A few minutes of video playback from a major broadcast network left me thinking that the processor, while probably overkill for running the elliptical is a bit underpowered for streaming video playback. To be fair, it could have just been that particular server or network congestion. I really haven't dwelled on it as I probably won't be watching videos much anyway. Heartrate monitor: I've only tried the chest-strap wireless and it works great! Unfortunately, the machine doesn't seem to include any routines which will automatically adjust the workout based on heartrate. It isn't advertised to have any, but I was hoping for it... Console: The speakers are adequate for low listening at any rate (the only kind I do) and the fan is great! it is relatively quiet (for a fan) and it has several speeds. My one major con with this whole machine is that it drives me nuts that no matter WHAT you are doing (like trying to enter passwords on the web, read something on the screen, etc) if you move the pedals at all past the sensor (which is pretty much where they like to sit), the machine IMMEDIATELY starts into the 'workout' mode and whatever you were doing is gone or at the very least interrupt
Average Rating: 4.0 / 5.0
By MaryB on Feb 7, 2012
 great machine, questionable customer service
We've had the E15.0 for about 3 weeks, and it's a great workout. We paid to have it set up and it was worth every penny. When you have it delivered, though,make sure it has 1)a serial number sticker, and 2)a membership card for IFit with an access code. Both were missing in ours, and I let the delivery men go, not even thinking the serial number wouldn't be on the machine, and not even knowing there was supposed to be a membership card for IFit. I called about it,and was put on hold, thinking it couldn't be too long. An hour and a half later, I hung up and called back, using the option of leaving my number for them to call when it was my turn. Six hours later they called back, suggesting that perhaps the serial number sticker was on the underside of the machine. I reminded her that the machine weighs 235 lbs, and looking underneath wasn't going to be easy. She then said she could register the machine without the serial number, and that I needed to contact IFit about the access code. IFit set me up with a password, which works to get me onto the website on my computer, but will not allow me to login on the E15 console. I am still waiting for help, and I'm wondering if there was more informational paperwork I was supposed to get with along with the membership card. Am starting to think the IFit is too much trouble and shouldn't have spent the money on the E15 "extras". The machine itself is great.
Average Rating: 5.0 / 5.0
By Katsv13 on Aug 24, 2012
 My favorite machine in the house
This is my favorite machine in the house. It has so many different features and the first time I used it, I felt the burn. It was a great workout. You can do so many different workouts with this machine, you can even download workouts from the internet. I do love this machine. It was a little difficult to put together but other than that I am very happy with it.
Average Rating: 4.5 / 5.0
By JimmyRN on Dec 4, 2012
 Solid Workout
I was determined to build a home workout area, but knew it wouldn't be complete without the perfect elliptical. Going to the gym was taking up too much of my precious time! I found the E 15.0 and was very skeptical it could perform as well as the massive ellipticals at the gym, but I was definitely proven wrong. Worth every penny thus far. The iPod connection is really just a MP3 jack plug-in, which is disappointing because those are not as reliable as a good/stable iPod connect. The USB port is only for firmware updates, so the instructions say. The tablet is great, but it'd be better if I were able to download other widgets to add to the entertainment value. As far as the machine itself, It's solid. It's tough. And the workouts are extremely motivating. I would recommend paying for the set-up. This beast is close to 300 lbs! Disassembling the packaging took close to 2 hrs, then set-up (by myself) took another 3. If you do it yourself, be prepared to have to take off the front cover and adjust the fly-wheel/belt. That took me an extra hour after having it put together already. Just pay them to do it. It would have been worth it ;-)
Average Rating: 5.0 / 5.0
By OttHfx on Dec 1, 2012
I as looking for an elliptical trainer and my research led me to the Nordic Track website. I choose the E15.0 on the US web site but it was not on the Canadian site so I called the toll free number and I was connected to a highly professional and knowledgable representative who informed me the E15 was available in Canada. I ordered it on a Wednesday around 11 AM and it was at my door on Friday 2 PM. Assembly was straight forward. I used a combination of instructions from the manual and the video I found on the web site. The machine was easy to configure and hook to the network. The only detractor is the lack of clarity in the user portion of the manual.
Average Rating: 5.0 / 5.0
By Suprpgmr on Oct 17, 2012
 Simply Awesome...
I bought my NordicTrack E15.0 Elliptical on Sep 24th and it was delivered on Oct 3rd 2012. I was a little distressed that it took almost 2 weeks for delivery as opposed to the 1 week most others were reporting. I paid for the in-house assembly... money well spent! When I received the machine, it was making some sort of "rubbing" noise in the flywheel housing. Most distressing however, nothing that deserved any serious concern. I called customer service and requested that someone come out and take a look... just to be sure that the sound was not a precursor to some sort of major problem. Now, I've heard the complaints about their customer service. I can only say that it did not happen to me. Jeremy (operator #51) registered my service request and placed a call for a technician to come out and take a look. It took about a week for the technician to show. He was awesome. He recognized the cause of the sound almost immediately and went to fixing it. He then gave the machine a once over to make sure everything had been put together properly... which it had... no other issues found. Now, can I complain about the fact that it took 2 weeks to deliver the machine... of course. The literature said 7 to 10 days business days. I was "hoping" for less but, delivered as advertised. The Customer Service folks not only placed a call for a technician to come out and repair it, they followed-up to be sure the technician called as promised. The technician (Derek) was awesome as well. He knew his business and was very professional. The machine is awesome as well. It is now quiet, sturdy and steady with lots of features. Being computer savvy, I was able to get the WiFi connection set up quite easily but, I can see how it might be a bit more difficult for someone of little or no computer/network skills. What a workout. Jillian just kicks my butt. If you can't take it, they have a ton of built-in programs that will allow you to build up to a Jillian workout. My only complaint with the device
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